Check out the DIY shop at Conrad Electronic

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

Here’s a great source of tools and DIY supplies – the DIY shop at Conrad Electronic has all you need to tackle home or hobby projects.

It includes tools and consumables to help you tackle everything from large-scale to intricate jobs. Check out the Conrad DIY shop here >>

You can browse for tools by category or brand as well as using the site’s A-Z index. And, just to get you started, this merchant has just announced a new voucher code. Type in 022041-89 at the checkout before April 30 2011 and get £5 off orders of £50 or more.

Here are a few highlights from the story:

  • Proxxon Fine Table Saw FET – A fine-cut circular bench saw ideal for cutting wood, non-ferrous metal, plastic, Plexiglas, glass fibre reinforced plastic plates, foam material and many other materials. Ideal for mould-building, model-making or other projects requiring a high degree of accuracy. £329.99.
  • Mobile Drill Stand – Achieve freehand drilling like a professional: a practical addition to your drill for accurate spot drilling, drilling and hole sawing in all positions – on walls, overhead, on slopes, in round stock, boards and profiles. Was £15.99, now £12.99.
  • Drill/Grinder IB/E Proxxon – A professional, fast machine with a specially-balanced motor. Continuously variable electronic speed control (full wave electronics). Ground steel precision shaft on ball bearings. For high concentricity. No rattling or knocking by tool inserts. Was £89.95, now £82.99.
  • Master 200 Clamping Table/Workbench – A rugged clamping table and workbench designed for all-round use. The rapid foldaway mechanism makes it very compact when stowed. Was £54.99, now £45.99.
  • Parat Silver Tool Case 40 Compartments – Supplied without tools Con-Pearl is a registered trademark of friedola TECH GmbH. £124.99.

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