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26 Nov 2010: German DIY enthusiast walls himself up in cellar

Er… this is definitely one to file under “how not to do it.” Reports are emerging of a DIY enthusiast in Germany who walled himself into his own cellar.

23 Nov 2010: Tools at the ready – it’s National Maintenance Week

Now there’s really no excuse for ignoring those jobs you’ve been meaning to tackle for ages, because this week is National Maintenance Week.

19 Nov 2010: Older men encouraged to socialise – in sheds

Here’s a story we love – about a Staffordshire charity that hopes to help older men lead a more social and active life by practising existing DIY skills or learning new ones.

11 Nov 2010: When watching paint dry is a dream come true

Have you ever wondered how a DIY firm tests out its products to check they do what they say on the tin? Or to find out how long a power tool operates before its battery needs recharging?

9 Nov 2010: Retro chic – or design crime?

It just goes to show how one person’s chic retro throwback is another’s horrific design crime. A survey by a mortgage lender has found that design fads of previous decades still haunt the homes of the UK – but isn’t that supposed to be a good thing?

1 Nov 2010: B&Q launches Community Week

DIY giant B&Q is demystifying the art of do it yourself with a series of events around the country to help us all brush up on our skills.

29 Oct 2010: Are you one of the 20 per cent of DFY-ers?

Four-fifths of British homeowners are prepared to have a crack at basic DIY – but the remaining fifth would far rather it was DFY (Done For You) by calling in a tradesman or woman, according to an insurance company.

12 Oct 2010: Older people warned to avoid doorstep home improvement scams

A seasonal campaign aims to raise awareness among older and vulnerable people about doorstep scammers offering fraudulent home improvement deals.

11 Oct 2010: B&Q’s DIY classes pull in the crowds

A Staffordshire DIY store that has organised classes for customers has seen 80 people sign up to have a go, according to local newspaper reports.

4 Oct 2010: Will Christmas launch a new generation of young DIYers?

A construction kit could be the top UK toy this Christmas, according to retailers – which must be great news for the next generation of DIYers.

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