DIY Tools adds more Christmas ideas

A few weeks ago we featured the dedicated page DIY Tools had set up for Christmas shopping – now we’re happy to say they’ve added three more, covering Christmas essentials and tools present buying.

Hand tools for Christmas

The two pages for hand tools and power tools strip away all the gimmicky stuff like themed toilet seats, instead simply serving up item after item designed to make the Christmas of any dedicated DIYer.

Christmas essentials page

The Christmas essentials page does exactly what you’d expect from its name – selling a range of the things you forget you need until you find you haven’t got them, like batteries, scissors and temporary hooks to hang lights from your guttering.

Also fake snow. Not that we need any of the fake stuff, thank you very much. And there’s no chocolate coins, but we suppose you can’t have everything.

The original Christmas gifts page is still there too, in case a cat-shaped lawn sprinkler is exactly what your significant other has been pining for all these years click to read.

And there’s also a discount code, diytools5, which offers fiver per cent off and has been extended until the end of January next year.