New products from Hot Floors

Here’s something to think about when planning your next home improvement project – underfloor heating. Hot Floors is a UK-based company providing electrical underfloor heating and associated products.

It is solely an online company, which means its products are priced very competitively and not available through re-sellers. They are made in Scandinavia, the world leaders in underfloor heating technology.

Hot Floors has added the following new and updated products to its range:

  • Thermal Primer – helps reduce the running costs and the heat-up time of underfloor heating systems. The primer creates a thermal barrier between the cold floor below and the heating system, sending the heat upwards and reducing heat loss by up to 25 per cent. Simply use a paint roller to cover the floor before installing the underfloor heating mats or cables and tiling on top. This product has also been awarded Energy Star approval. Plus, at £15 for eight square metres of coverage, it’s a bargain.
  • Aluminium wood floor heating mats – until now, all electrical underfloor heating systems for use with wooden floating floors have been a compromise. But here is a greatly improved new product available off the shelf and, in most cases, only one mat is needed per room. A built-in earth grid helps to make it the safest product on the market and it is also suitable for use in bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Product update: 160-watt heating mats awarded BEAB approvalHot Floors has gained BEAB approval for its 160-watt heating mats. These are the only heating mats available online in the UK with this electrical safety mark.