Tool, DIY and home improvement brands

We’ve put together these pages to give you some insight into all the different brands of tools and DIY products that are out there. We know it can be hard sometimes to get a feeling for what it is you are buying and we aim to help.

Here you’ll be able to find out more about whether a particular product range is right for you and the job you have in mind. You’ll learn whether manufacturers are pitching their wares at professional contractors, DIY enthusiasts or somewhere in between.

You can even find out if a particular colour on the casing of a power tool has a particular meaning – sometimes they can vary depending on who a company is aiming to sell them to. And we provide links to manufacturers who supply each one so you can check out and compare prices.

DIY Tools: Draper Expert 1050W 230V Hammer Drill With Keyless ChuckPower tools
Thinking of buying power tools? Sometimes it can seem like a maze out there, with an immense range to choose from – but here is a bit of extra information to set you on the way to making a good selection. Don’t forget to read our 10 tips for buying power tools too.
Screwfix: Stanley Tylon Tape Measure 8m (26ft)Hand tools
Whether you’re a carpenter or woodworker, an engineer, a crafter or hobbyist or just looking for a good range of durable hand tools to see you through your household DIY, this is the place to start.
Sanderson tester pots at John LewisPaint and wallpaper
Find out what differentiates different paint brands, what their selling points are and how they can help you achieve different looks in your home. And, while you’re here, check out some specialist wallpaper brands.
What’s popular
So, what are the most popular tools and DIY products on this site? Check them on on this page, based on the most common searches that bring people along, and learn what other people think are the coolest and handiest power tools, hand tools and decorating materials around at the moment.

Do let us know, using our contact form, if there are any features we could add to this section that would make it more useful.

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