Hand tool brands

The world of hand tools is a wonderful one for the DIY enthusiast – someone, somewhere has made exactly the item you need for any specialist project you care to name, as well as producing good-quality generalist tools that will see you through everyday maintenance or renovation. Here’s our guide to hand tool brands:

DIY Tools: Bahco ProfCut Insulation SawSwedish brand Bahco traces its origins to 1862 when it began making tools using a process for the inexpensive mass production of steel developed by Hertfordshire engineer Henry Bessemer. The company has a distinctive fish and hook logo based on its expertise in developing tough fishing hooks from steel wire. Today it promises tools of the highest quality that are efficient, safe and satisfying to use. Bahco tools are stocked by Tooled Up and DIY Tools.
Tooled Up: Britool 12 Piece Metric Flexible Ratchet Combination Spanner SetBritool – the The British Tool and Engineering Company – first started production in 1908 and saw demand growing strongly in the inter-war years. During the Second World War Britool was the principal tool supplier to the British armed forces, supplying more than 200 million wrenches, sockets and accessories. The exposure that this brought to the company made Britool one of the country’s best-known tool brands and it remains a supplier of choice for professionals today. Britool hand tools are stocked by Tooled Up and DIY Tools.
DIY Tools: Bosch Digital Angle MeasurerBosch first opened for business in the UK in 1898 and, nine years later, the Bosch Magneto Company Limited was based just off London’s Oxford Street. The company has traded successfully here ever since with its current headquarters in Denham, Buckinghamshire. It employs around 5,000 people with facilities in St Neots, Worcester, Milton Keynes and Stowmarket. Its hand tool range includes saws, carpentry tools, measuring tools, screwdrivers, work benches and vices. Bosch hand tools are stocked by Tooled Up and DIY Tools.
Tooled Up: Draper 560G (20 Oz) Hickory Shaft Claw HammerDraper dates back to 1919 when founder Bert Draper sold tools in markets around Kingston-upon-Thames, established a strong reputation as an engineers’ merchant and tool wholesaler, and developed own-brand tools. His son Norman took control in 1963 and imported quality tools from around the world. Since 1992 John has become the third-generation family member to take charge, overseeing company’s goals of inward investment, support for independent stockists and guaranteed quality for customers across a wide range of products including screwdrivers, cutting tools, precision engineering tools, pliers and wrenches. Draper hand tools are stocked by Tooled Up and Northern Tool.
Irwin Record Quick Wrench 12inIrwin is a manufacturer and distributor of professional-grade hand-tools worldwde. Its trademarked brands include Vise-Grip, Marathon, Quick-Grip, Speedbor, Strait-Line, Unibit and Hanson. It has a strong track record in product development which it augments with site visits in order to assess how well its products work in the field. The information they gather is then fed back into the product development process. The Irwin hand tool range includes chisels, circular saws, clamps, hand tools, pliers and adjustable wrenches, screw and bolt extractors, screwdrivers and utility knives. Irwin hand tools are stocked by Screwfix and DIY Tools.
Topps Tiles: Rubi Steel Trowel 10mm RoundRubi is a Spanish company specialising in producing construction equipment and tools for cutting and fixing tiles. It has headquarters around the world and its UK operation is based in Rainham, Essex. Manufacture of its hand tools is carefully controlled and supervised to ensure quality, including analysis of the steel used to ensure its composition is good enough, and the finish products are inspected by experts before being released to market. Rubi tiling tools are stocked by Topps Tiles and Screwfix.
Northern Tool: 7 Piece Vde Screwdriver SetRolson, based at Twyford in Berkshire, produces a range of hand tools that are made to international standards as well as coming with quality and safety guarantees. As well as an extensive range of general hand tools including hammers, wrenches, pliers, cutters, sharpening tools, files and rasps, punches chisels and screwdrivers, it also supplies specialist engineering tools plus equipment for the householder and hobbyist. You’ll also find plenty of tool storage options. Rolson tools are stocked by Northern Tool and Choiceful.
DIY Tools: Sealey Topchest 5 Drawer with Ball Bearing Runners - BlackSealey is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of workshop tools and equipment with a mostly automotive focus. However its vast range includes tools for engineering, craft and construction, cutting, measuring and tiling as well as taking in saws, screwdrivers, cutters, pliers – and almost every other kind of hand tool you can think of. Its current catalogue contains more than 7,000 products and company brands include Premier, Siegen Tools and American Pro. Sealey hand tools are stocked by Tooled Up and DIY Tools.
Spear & Jackson
Tooled Up: WHS Tyzack Pointing Trowel with Wooden Handle 5in;Spear & Jackson was born out of the City of Sheffield and its world-famous steel industry. The company traces its origins back to the 18th century while Neill Tools, its parent company, was making hacksaw blades from 1889. Famous brands associated with the company include Eclipse, Bowers, Moore and Wright, WHS pointing trowels and Tyzack plastering tools. It boasts extensive materials and development expertise which it uses to spur constant improvement of product materials and performance. The group remains best-known for manufacturing and distributing garden and woodworking tools. Spear & Jackson tools are stocked by Tooled Up and B&Q Next Day.
Screwfix: Stanley Tylon Tape Measure 8m (26ft)Stanley, one of the best-known names in hand tools, started out in 1843 manufacturing bolts and door hardware in Connecticut, USA. Next came a company making rules and levels; the two joined together to create its world-famous Hand Tools Division. This is an industry leader in tool innovation and production and has a proud reputation for excellence. Look out for speciality and ergonomically-designed hand tools, professional-quality tools made from extra-durable materials and suitable for heavy use, and products aimed specifically at the home mechanic and homeowner. Stanley tools are stocked by Tooled Up and Screwfix.