Plumbing – how not to do it yourself


A bathroom hot water system made of a gutted electric kettle and a drinks bottle. A sink trap replaced with a tin can. Pipes resembling spaghetti. Taps fixed with elastic bands instead of washers. A toilet that is several feet off the ground.

Welcome to one of the best compilations of plumbing cock-ups and simple idiocies that we’ve seen in quite a while.

The best DIY tip we can ever give you is don’t be scared to have a go – but do clear-sightedly recognise your limitations and call in a professional when necessary. And please buy the proper bits rather than rummage in the recycling.

However, for some would-be DIYers, there just seems to be some fundamental element of common sense missing that means they should never be allowed to pick up anything more technically challenging than a bread knife – and that under supervision only.

Here’s your chance to view 15 DIY disasters wrought by these people – courtesy of

Warning: clicking on this link could cause competent amateur plumbers severe emotional upset – or, alternatively, a hernia as you split your sides laughing…