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12 Apr 2011: Scots DIYers urged to take care over the Easter break

Handy householders in Scotland are being urged to take care when carrying out home or garden projects over the Easter break in a safety message promoted by the nation’s health service.

7 Apr 2011: 10 great DIY tips… for women, and for men too

Here’s something we’ve enjoyed reading today – 10 great DIY tips for women who’d like to be more handy around the house.

9 Dec 2010: Star Trek geek creates air-powered bedroom door

Remember that iconic bit in Star Trek where someone walked onto the bridge of the Starship Enterprise and the doors slid open in a whoosh of air? An American DIY enthusiast has recreated the effect in his own bedroom – and now you can too.

26 Oct 2010: Winter-proofing your home with Wickes

If you’re concerned about the onset of winter, and the effect it will have on your home and its heating bills, then we’d like to point you in the direction of two helpful online guides from DIY giant Wickes.

15 Oct 2010: How to build DIY confidence

If you’d like to do more DIY tasks, but lack confidence, start small – that’s the advice from a home improvement expert.

12 Oct 2010: Older people warned to avoid doorstep home improvement scams

A seasonal campaign aims to raise awareness among older and vulnerable people about doorstep scammers offering fraudulent home improvement deals.

7 Oct 2010: Do you procrastinate over DIY projects?

Have you ever put off a DIY project? If the answer is yes, then join the club – it’s something that all of us can identify with. If your answer is no, and your conscience doesn’t prick you for saying that, then please share your secret.

29 Sep 2010: Free DIY ebooks from Uniroyal Tyres

Looking for some DIY help and advice? US tyre company Uniroyal Tyres has a series of free downloadable ebooks on its website covering topics like decorating, home improvement and home maintenance.

24 Sep 2010: Autumn energy-efficient essentials from Nigel’s Eco Store

If your home is starting to feel a bit chilly, take a tip from green retailer Nigel’s Eco Store and delay turning on the heating by banishing draughts, getting snug in bed, and conserving heat.

10 Sep 2010: Get David Snell’s tips on self-build and renovation

How would you fancy moving 35 times in 39 years of marriage, self-building or renovating 12 houses as you went?

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