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12 Apr 2011: Scots DIYers urged to take care over the Easter break

Handy householders in Scotland are being urged to take care when carrying out home or garden projects over the Easter break in a safety message promoted by the nation’s health service.

7 Apr 2011: 10 great DIY tips… for women, and for men too

Here’s something we’ve enjoyed reading today – 10 great DIY tips for women who’d like to be more handy around the house.

7 Apr 2011: Social tenants “could be encouraged to take on more DIY”

Tenants in social housing could be encouraged to do more DIY projects on their rented homes, according to housing minister Grant Shapps.

23 Feb 2011: Wikiseat – what it looks like is entirely up to you

Here’s a DIY project we really like – the Wikiseat, designed according to its originators to inspire creativity and help build community in Columbus, Ohio, USA.

18 Feb 2011: Black & Decker Workmate inventor Ron Hickman dies

Sad news this morning – Ron Hickman, a man who has probably helped you extensively with your own DIY dilemmas, has died aged 78 in hospital after a long illness.

17 Feb 2011: Vanilla Ice makes his DIY debut

All right, stop, collaborate and listen. We’re going to paint the hallway a nice shade of magnolia and get some wood flooring down with a nice, stylish rug…

18 Jan 2011: Why we reckon DIY skills aren’t quite dead yet

So, have people given up doing it themselves? Over the last week we’ve seen yet another slew of stories on the subject of how young people today simply aren’t interested in DIY. But we’re not completely convinced.

22 Dec 2010: Forget footballers or millionaires, Aussie women want DIY savants

Ladies – offered the choice of a millionaire, a famous actor, an international sports star and a bloke who can reliably fix things when they fall apart, which would you choose?

9 Dec 2010: Star Trek geek creates air-powered bedroom door

Remember that iconic bit in Star Trek where someone walked onto the bridge of the Starship Enterprise and the doors slid open in a whoosh of air? An American DIY enthusiast has recreated the effect in his own bedroom – and now you can too.

9 Dec 2010: Why you should be careful clearing gutters

Seasonal maintenance is important – doubly so when it snows, and you want to make sure your gutters are clear. But you need to be careful doing it, as this video from BBC News shows.

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