Vanilla Ice makes his DIY debut

All right, stop, collaborate and listen. We’re going to paint the hallway a nice shade of magnolia and get some wood flooring down with a nice, stylish rug…

In other words, former rapper and nineties pop icon Vanilla Ice, also known as Robert VanWinkle, has launched his hotly-anticipated new DIY and renovation show, now airing on a specialist cable channel in the US.

Van Winkle, who has been over here filming the Dancing on Ice (appropriately enough), has been promoting The Vanilla Ice Project – which he describes as “real life show of me being me”.

Here he is, talking to DIY website about the show:

Stop, collaborate and renovate? Vanilla Ice does DIY


And the new show proves that VanWinkle’s good at more than a beat — he’s also a real estate entrepreneur and remodeling expert with more than 15 years of experience.

His love of real estate began when he was 16 when he bought three properties and immediately went on tour. After not using the homes for three years, he sold them at a profit.

Seeing how easy that was, he decided to focus his attention on real estate instead of the stock market (which he jokes was his means of ensuring he didn’t end up like MC Hammer) buying and flipping houses while picking up commercial real estate and starting a home building company as well.

He also researches the market through seminars, books and lots of web surfing for the latest technologies and trends in home decor and eco-friendly elements.

These days, he focuses his attention on flipping, noting that “today you can buy much cheaper than building,” due to foreclosures, liens, and so on. <a href="–stop-collaborate-and-renovate-vanilla-ice-does-diy" target="_blank" title="YourHome diabetes Stop, collaborate and renovate? Vanilla Ice does DIY”>Read the full story here…