Wikiseat – what it looks like is entirely up to you

Here’s a DIY project we really like – the Wikiseat, designed according to its originators to inspire creativity and help build community in Columbus, Ohio, USA.

The Wikiseat is a three-legged stool built round a common central component called the catalyst. That provides the all-important support structure – but how to make the seat, legs and any additional parts is up to each individual participant. That includes coming up with their own design and sourcing the components.

Find out more on its website here >>

The site tells us that more than 100 catalysts have been given to people in Columbus and around the world, including artists, crafters, business people, scientists, teachers and students.

If you’d like to take part, you can buy a catalyst on Etsy here (with proceeds going back into the project) or find out how to make your own courtesy of here.

You can also check out photos from participants on the project’s Flickr photostream.

So, what will yours look like?