Autumn energy-efficient essentials from Nigel’s Eco Store

If your home is starting to feel a bit chilly, take a tip from green retailer Nigel’s Eco Store and delay turning on the heating by banishing draughts, getting snug in bed, and conserving heat.

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And, once the heating is on, get the most out of your radiators and make sure you feel every last bit of heat.

The merchant suggests the following autumn DIY essentials to keep your home cosy:

  • Radiator booster – As seen on the BBC’s Dragons’ Den, this innovative, lightweight product uses a small fan to draw heat from a standard radiator, gently distributing it more effectively around a room. It will warm a room faster, save lost energy and reduce heating bills for a running cost of about 30p a year.
  • Letterbox eco flap – Fit this on the rear of your letterbox (the exterior can remain untouched) to exclude draughts and winter weather. It’s quick and simple to install and starts saving energy at once. Replacing traditional brushes, seals and outward-opening gravity flaps, it uses wind power to blow it shut, isdraught-proof and will adjust deliveries up to A4 including newspapers and magazines.
  • Energy Wizard – Plug it into a socket and it will use intelligent technology to assess the voltage and current power demands in your home, thus reducing active power demands, and saving you energy. Independent tests showed at least 10 per cent savings on an annual electricity bill so it pays for itself in months.
  • Mobile enviroplug – This mobile phone energy-saving adapter monitors the power going into your mobile, and cuts the power when the battery is full. You can leave your charger plugged in, ready for when you need it next, without wasting energy. You should save enough energy to boil a kettle more than 100 times or watch 76 hours of telly.
  • 30-minute rundown timer – Ensures your appliances are turned off at the plug socket with the push of a button. Start the timer and, after 30 minutes, power is automatically cut off. A great safety product which will reduce the risk of electrical fires and overheating incidents as well as saving energy.