B&Q’s DIY classes pull in the crowds

A Staffordshire DIY store that has organised classes for customers has seen 80 people sign up to have a go, according to local newspaper reports.

The Meir Park branch of B&Q is one of five nationwide to open a You Can Do It training area for customers and help them get their hand in with some basic DIY skills.

The scheme was launched at the weekend with the help of Changing Rooms‘ DIY expert Andy Kane. Local paper The Sentinel has the story:

TV star ‘Handy Andy’ launches a new DIY store training scheme


You Can Do It centre manager Sue Sweatmore said: “We’re delighted this scheme has come to Meir.”

The special classroom sees half-built kitchen and bathroom areas where students can test their skills. Sue, from Caverswall, added: “It’s giving people the basic skills they need and the confidence to go home and have a go. There are a lot of young people buying houses who don’t have the DIY skills.”

Staff at the store believe more people have been swayed towards DIY because of the current economic climate. Read the full article here.