Electricians ‘prefer Queen and The Beatles’

Ever had that sinking feeling when a contractor turns the radio right up to accompany the sounds of drills and hammering?

Well, according to a survey from the Electrical Contractors’ Association, the music you’re most likely to hear when you (or someone in your street) gets an electrician in are perennial favourites Queen and The Beatles.

At least you should be able to sing along.

The poll of electricians’ musical tastes found that, rather than opting for hard rock like Motorhead, nearly one in 10 prefered to listen to pop icon Beyoncé when working.

The ECA says that other surprise entries in the survey included Beethoven (7 per cent), Leona Lewis (7 per cent), Welsh opera star Katherine Jenkins (5 per cent) and ABBA (3 per cent). It might not be quite so much of a surprise to householders as they think, however…

The survey showed that Queen were top of the pops with 22 per cent of sparkies while 12 per cent voted The Beatles as their top choice.

David Pollock, ECA Group CEO, said: “We often look at the opinion of the householder to see how we can adapt our services to suit them, but it was certainly interesting to be able to pick the brains of the workforce!

“As householders we often think about the refreshments we serve our tradesmen, but now we know it’s also worth thinking about their musical preferences too!”

However, we would beg electricians to please think of us – and our neighbours – and use a light touch with the volume switch.

Electricians’ favourites:

  1. Queen – 22 per cent
  2. The Beatles – 12 per cent
  3. Kasabian – 9 per cent
  4. Beyoncé – 9 per cent
  5. Leona Lewis – 7 per cent
  6. Beethoven – 7 per cent
  7. Elvis Presley – 7 per cent
  8. Katherine Jenkins – 5 per cent
  9. Motorhead – 5 per cent
  10. ABBA – 3 per cent
  11. Lady Ga Ga – 3 per cent
  12. Dizzee Rascal – 2 per cent
  13. Westlife – 2 per cent
  14. Tom Jones – 2 per cent
  15. Other – 5 per cent