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22 Sep 2010: UK homeowners reportedly ready for huge property facelift

British homeowners are due to spend £50 billion on improving their homes over the next 12 months according to (you guessed it…) a leading home improvement company.

17 Sep 2010: Updated: Win tickets to the National Home Improvement Show

We like a good competition. And we’ve spotted one that we’re sure DIY and home improvement enthusiasts will enjoy – the chance to win one of 50 pairs of tickets to the National Home Improvement Show in October.

17 Aug 2010: Experts advise: “Don’t take on more than you can handle”

DIY experts and retailers are presumably keen for all of us to get stuck into our favourite home improvement projects – but not at any price.

8 Dec 2008: VAT cut boosts home improvements market

A bid by the government to kick-start the economy with a 2.5 per cent cut to shopping taxes seems to have started paying off in the home improvement sector.

19 Aug 2008: House sales slowdown boosts home improvements

Homeowners around the country are taking their properties off the market and making improvements to them instead, according to a survey by Lloyds TSB.

10 Mar 2008: If you can't move, improve…

Which way is consumer spending going? Will the home improvement market expand or contract in the months to come? One school of thought believes that DIY might get a shot in the arm from uncertainty about the housing market, saying that householders are choosing to improve when they can’t move.

3 Mar 2008: Holidays or home improvements – which will it be?

Are you dreaming about banishing Britain’s grey skies in favour of exotic sun and sand? And, if so, will you be foregoing home improvements to pay for your summer break?

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