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7 Apr 2011: Social tenants “could be encouraged to take on more DIY”

Tenants in social housing could be encouraged to do more DIY projects on their rented homes, according to housing minister Grant Shapps.

4 Nov 2010: Homeswapper offers reduced six-month subscription

Calling all tenants in social housing looking to move to a new home – Homeswapper, the service that puts you in touch with potential swap partners, is reducing the cost of its six-month subscription fee until Sunday November 14.

14 Oct 2010: Homeswapper: three-month subscription discounted

Good news for tenants in social housing who are looking to move to a new home. Homeswapper is discounting its three-month subscription rates until October 24.

29 Sep 2010: Homeswapper reduces joining fee until October 1

Are you a tenant in social housing looking to move to a different location? Now is a great time to take advantage of the HomeSwapper service thanks to a reduction in the cost of its six-month subscription fee.

8 Sep 2010: Homeswapper welcomes National Affordable Home Swap Scheme

A government scheme designed to help tenants in social housing become more mobile has been welcomed by the Homeswapper national home-swap service.

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