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8 Sep 2010: Homeswapper welcomes National Affordable Home Swap Scheme

A government scheme designed to help tenants in social housing become more mobile has been welcomed by the Homeswapper national home-swap service.

10 Dec 2007: Hot hand and power tool deals from Screwfix

Screwfix has been in touch to let us know about some new deals on hand and power tools that it is currently promoting, including drill and saw bargains. Here are the details (hint: some smashing DIY-themed Christmas presents here).

28 Nov 2007: Electrical safety: get the info you need

Our latest feature on is a look at your legal obligations these days when doing electrical work. In summary: you should almost always get in an electrician.

27 Nov 2007: How to choose power tools

With Christmas on the way we’ve put together a guide to buying power tools. Now, this could serve as a briefing for present-buying for the DIY fanatic in your life, a handy hint sheet to print out and leave lying casually round the place, or even a shopping list to get you launched on that New Year project you swore you’d get started on.

17 Oct 2007: Useful information for homeowners and DIY fans

Just a quick note to mention three useful features we have on the site to help you with your DIY work and the consequences of it. Our factsheets feature is a round-up of the many helpful factsheets offered on the web by DIY merchants – everything from emergency roof repairs to fitting new flooring. Of […]

  • Best-sellers from Anglia Tools

    Anglia Tool Centre - Power Tools

    Anglia Tool Centre specialises in cutting-edge hand and power tool technology from many leading brands. Here are some of the most popular products from its website: