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7 Sep 2010: Make space for tool storage in your garage

It turns out that storage company Big Yellow Self-Storage has a blog that’s packed with tips about decluttering your home. This strikes us as a great idea.

10 Mar 2008: If you can't move, improve…

Which way is consumer spending going? Will the home improvement market expand or contract in the months to come? One school of thought believes that DIY might get a shot in the arm from uncertainty about the housing market, saying that householders are choosing to improve when they can’t move.

3 Mar 2008: Get a little help at Screwfix

Screwfix has got together with publisher Collins to help you sort out your DIY woes. It’s published a series of how-to videos to promote the publication of The Complete DIY Manual and to help you tackle some common jobs around the house.

21 Nov 2007: Make sure you're snug for winter

It’s National Maintenance Week! But all you DIYers don’t need a special event to encourage you to get on top of home improvements. We know that you’ve been looking after your properties year-round, and so won’t have a backlog of jobs to do. Well, apart from that niggling little problem you’ve been meaning to solve for a while. Then there’s that thing you knew you needed to get sorted out before it got cold…

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