Does DIY save you money?

There are plenty of reasons for tackling a DIY project – for example, the pleasure of planning and completing something yourself, or the opportunity to get something exactly the way you want it.

But a major motivator has to be cost – especially in the testing economic times we are currently facing. Do DIY projects actually save you money? Or is that actually a myth?

That’s the latest topic tackled by handyman Glenn Haege in his column for US newspaper and website The Detroit News. In it, Glenn puts some of the advantages and disadvantages of DIY versus bringing in a contractor into perspective:

DIY projects may not always save you money

For some people, changing a light fixture or replacing a faucet are do-it-yourself projects. But some projects that seem simple may not be as easy as you think once you get involved in them. In my experience, doing it yourself becomes a bad idea when the results will not be as good as a professional contractor, or when you put yourself in a situation where you could get injured. The key is to know your limitations. Read the full article here.

An interesting article, and definitely worth a read, if only to bring into focus the issues you ought to be considering before doing it yourself.