Four-fifths of UK’s women are tackling DIY


Around four-fifths of women in the UK have tried their hand at DIY, according to a new survey from Bosch Power Tools.

The company’s research, which surveyed 1,100 people as part of its ‘Do it with Bosch’ report, also showed that while men may enjoy problem-solving and fixing things, for women it’s about creativity, and being able to have a positive impact on their environment.

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Bosch found that 72 per cent of Brits believe women make great DIYers because they are generally more patient than men.

And saving money is a strong motive with 69 per cent of female respondents saying that they reach for the toolbox primarily to save money.

However, not all women are so confident. Out of the 22 per cent of women who said they didn’t like doing DIY, half said they avoided doing practical jobs around the house as they had little faith in their own abilities, while 29 per cent claimed they did not have sufficient knowledge.

Bosch DIY expert Chris Tidy said of the findings: “The DIY gender gap is clearly closing. However, as men are traditionally driven by a desire to fix things to display their authority, it’s interesting to see that women are using DIY instead as a way to express creativity in the home.

“Home design and decor is a reflection of personality and taste. Those who shy away from DIY should start off with a simple task such as putting up a shelf, and let their creativity grow from there.”

He added that help is at hand for anyone who suffers from “DDS” or Daunting DIY Syndrome with the Bosch website offering essential confidence-boosting tips and tricks.