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18 Jan 2011: Why we reckon DIY skills aren’t quite dead yet

So, have people given up doing it themselves? Over the last week we’ve seen yet another slew of stories on the subject of how young people today simply aren’t interested in DIY. But we’re not completely convinced.

22 Dec 2010: Forget footballers or millionaires, Aussie women want DIY savants

Ladies – offered the choice of a millionaire, a famous actor, an international sports star and a bloke who can reliably fix things when they fall apart, which would you choose?

7 Dec 2010: Doctor Who’s sonic screwdriver – coming to a DIY store near you?

The futuristic multi-tool gadget that assists sci-fi character Doctor Who on his journey through the universe could become a reality for DIY enthusiasts across the world, according to engineers at Bristol University.

26 Nov 2010: German DIY enthusiast walls himself up in cellar

Er… this is definitely one to file under “how not to do it.” Reports are emerging of a DIY enthusiast in Germany who walled himself into his own cellar.

29 Oct 2010: Are you one of the 20 per cent of DFY-ers?

Four-fifths of British homeowners are prepared to have a crack at basic DIY – but the remaining fifth would far rather it was DFY (Done For You) by calling in a tradesman or woman, according to an insurance company.

10 Mar 2008: If you can't move, improve…

Which way is consumer spending going? Will the home improvement market expand or contract in the months to come? One school of thought believes that DIY might get a shot in the arm from uncertainty about the housing market, saying that householders are choosing to improve when they can’t move.

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