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23 Feb 2011: Wikiseat – what it looks like is entirely up to you

Here’s a DIY project we really like – the Wikiseat, designed according to its originators to inspire creativity and help build community in Columbus, Ohio, USA.

9 Dec 2010: Star Trek geek creates air-powered bedroom door

Remember that iconic bit in Star Trek where someone walked onto the bridge of the Starship Enterprise and the doors slid open in a whoosh of air? An American DIY enthusiast has recreated the effect in his own bedroom – and now you can too.

15 Oct 2010: How to build DIY confidence

If you’d like to do more DIY tasks, but lack confidence, start small – that’s the advice from a home improvement expert.

24 Aug 2010: Brush up your carpentry skills with this video

Here’s a link to a cool video for anyone thinking of embarking on a carpentry project. in it, DIY expert Julia Miller demonstrates how to make a very simple bench.

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