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12 Apr 2011: Scots DIYers urged to take care over the Easter break

Handy householders in Scotland are being urged to take care when carrying out home or garden projects over the Easter break in a safety message promoted by the nation’s health service.

23 Feb 2011: Wikiseat – what it looks like is entirely up to you

Here’s a DIY project we really like – the Wikiseat, designed according to its originators to inspire creativity and help build community in Columbus, Ohio, USA.

7 Dec 2010: Doctor Who’s sonic screwdriver – coming to a DIY store near you?

The futuristic multi-tool gadget that assists sci-fi character Doctor Who on his journey through the universe could become a reality for DIY enthusiasts across the world, according to engineers at Bristol University.

19 Nov 2010: Older men encouraged to socialise – in sheds

Here’s a story we love – about a Staffordshire charity that hopes to help older men lead a more social and active life by practising existing DIY skills or learning new ones.

1 Nov 2010: B&Q launches Community Week

DIY giant B&Q is demystifying the art of do it yourself with a series of events around the country to help us all brush up on our skills.

29 Sep 2010: Power tool drag racing: the fastest drill in the west of England

You may be wondering what miniature drag racing and power tools have in common – and it’s rather more than you might think, at least as far as manufacturer Silverline is concerned.

17 Sep 2010: Updated: Win tickets to the National Home Improvement Show

We like a good competition. And we’ve spotted one that we’re sure DIY and home improvement enthusiasts will enjoy – the chance to win one of 50 pairs of tickets to the National Home Improvement Show in October.

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