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7 Apr 2011: Social tenants “could be encouraged to take on more DIY”

Tenants in social housing could be encouraged to do more DIY projects on their rented homes, according to housing minister Grant Shapps.

22 Sep 2010: UK homeowners reportedly ready for huge property facelift

British homeowners are due to spend £50 billion on improving their homes over the next 12 months according to (you guessed it…) a leading home improvement company.

13 Aug 2010: Does DIY save you money?

There are plenty of reasons for tackling a DIY project – for example, the pleasure of planning and completing something yourself, or the opportunity to get something exactly the way you want it. But a major motivator has to be cost.

7 Apr 2008: Half-price DIY specials at Woolworth

Woolworths has been in touch to let us know about some specials currently on offer in its DIY range.

7 Dec 2007: Is a shake-up coming in the UK DIY market?

We all like things to stay familiar – which has a lot to do with the success of the big High Street DIY chains. Go into a store and you’ll find exactly what you’re used to, whether you’re in Aberdeen or Ashby de la Zouch, and often in approximately the same position. But it’s looking […]

27 Nov 2007: How to choose power tools

With Christmas on the way we’ve put together a guide to buying power tools. Now, this could serve as a briefing for present-buying for the DIY fanatic in your life, a handy hint sheet to print out and leave lying casually round the place, or even a shopping list to get you launched on that New Year project you swore you’d get started on.

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