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10 Sep 2010: Get David Snell’s tips on self-build and renovation

How would you fancy moving 35 times in 39 years of marriage, self-building or renovating 12 houses as you went?

9 Sep 2010: Four-fifths of UK’s women are tackling DIY

Around four-fifths of women in the UK have tried their hand at DIY, according to a new survey from Bosch Power Tools.

24 Aug 2010: Insurer: young people “lack DIY skills”

Around half of young people lack the necessary skills to maintain a home, according to a survey by an insurance company.

17 Oct 2007: Useful information for homeowners and DIY fans

Just a quick note to mention three useful features we have on the site to help you with your DIY work and the consequences of it. Our factsheets feature is a round-up of the many helpful factsheets offered on the web by DIY merchants – everything from emergency roof repairs to fitting new flooring. Of […]

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