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9 Sep 2010: Four-fifths of UK’s women are tackling DIY

Around four-fifths of women in the UK have tried their hand at DIY, according to a new survey from Bosch Power Tools.

7 Sep 2010: Make space for tool storage in your garage

It turns out that storage company Big Yellow Self-Storage has a blog that’s packed with tips about decluttering your home. This strikes us as a great idea.

7 Sep 2010: Plumbing – how not to do it yourself

A bathroom hot water system made of a gutted electric kettle and a drinks bottle. A sink trap replaced with a tin can. A toilet that is several feet off the ground. Welcome to one of the best plumbing disaster compilations we’ve seen in a while.

24 Aug 2010: Brush up your carpentry skills with this video

Here’s a link to a cool video for anyone thinking of embarking on a carpentry project. in it, DIY expert Julia Miller demonstrates how to make a very simple bench.

17 Aug 2010: Experts advise: “Don’t take on more than you can handle”

DIY experts and retailers are presumably keen for all of us to get stuck into our favourite home improvement projects – but not at any price.

17 Aug 2010: Keep an eye on laser safety

Are you taking any necessary safety precautions when using laser tools? A new article from has highlighted the potential dangers of using this now widely-available technology without sufficient consideration for your eyesight.

13 Aug 2010: Does DIY save you money?

There are plenty of reasons for tackling a DIY project – for example, the pleasure of planning and completing something yourself, or the opportunity to get something exactly the way you want it. But a major motivator has to be cost.

3 Aug 2010: Wickes: themed rooms may look less cluttered

High-street DIY giant Wickes has some good advice for anyone seeking to make a room look less cluttered – introduce a design theme.

10 Mar 2008: If you can't move, improve…

Which way is consumer spending going? Will the home improvement market expand or contract in the months to come? One school of thought believes that DIY might get a shot in the arm from uncertainty about the housing market, saying that householders are choosing to improve when they can’t move.

3 Mar 2008: Discount code for spare parts retailer eSpares

If you haven’t come across it already, eSpares is a great little secret for handy men and women – a website selling spare parts for all kinds of major appliance brands. Its motto is “We keep appliances running.” So, if you’re inclined to keep that vacuum cleaner, washing machine, lawnmower, cooker or microwave running rather than spend a fortune replacing it, this is your first port of call.

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